Sensory Processing and Self Regulations for Kids

Self-regulation is defined as “a person’s ability to adjust and control their energy level, emotions, behaviors and attention. ” This is a skill that takes time to develop during the toddler years. It is important that children have some self-regulating skills and continue developing them as they begin school. We have 8 different sensory systems: Touch, Auditory, Vision, Taste, Smell, Proprioceptive, Vestibular, and Interoception. With these we are more “able to manage difficult and stressful events that occur as part of life.” Several things can be done to help improve the processing of sense and self regulation. One important tool is sensory supports. These are physical activities that will promote a child to be in the right state-of-mind for learning or for a certain situation. The purpose is hopefully that the child will be able to be more productive and engaging at school. It is important to make sure your child practices self-regulation to be able to cope in any environment, sleep better, transition in school, and over all, reach their full potential.

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