Groundhog Festival at John Heinz!

Over the weekend, I spent my saturday morning celebrating at the grounhog festival. It was probably my most fun experience volunteering with Art Sphere yet. Before my duties, I felt like a true activist fighting for climate change with Penn Evironment. I think I left my “carbon” footprint on the world now (; (not a very good pun, but one none the less).Once our table was setup, the fun began. If you want a lot of people to come at your table, have facepainting: IT’S A MUST!  Kids came from all about to become butterflies, puppies, and knights. The real excitment came from the older people. A grandma got her face painted and her grandson thought she was crazy. There was also an old dude getting his groove on to the sweet voices of a man and woman that shall remain nameless. I wonder what was in the cider. Through all the fun, we still got the word out about Art Sphere. Parents were genuinely interested and asked about about our mission. I think it was quite a success.

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