The Great Race – for me and also for the Rooster

Second day at Shissler! Big day!

Second weeks and also my first day for me as the lead teacher at Shissler Rec Center was absolutely the interesting day. At this week, we was going to do couple projects, including: doing the book, listen to story about “Zodiac Calendar”, and doing chicken decoration to celebrate the year of Rooster. At first, that amount of work was kind of overwhelming but with the help of Isabella as the assistant teacher, we together went through every single project smoothly. Moreover, with the help from site teachers, Ms. Deven, we totally nailed it. The kids were very into the story about which animal is standing for this year or which animal stands in the first place of the Zodiac Calendar. These attached pictures are the final products of some kids who totally into cutting colored foams to decorate the chicken/rooster pictures.

What will we be doing next week? Wait and see at my blog spot next week….

HINT: Japanese Raining Doll……

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