Painted Popsicle Collage

Littles – Glavin Rec Center
The Glavin littles (pre-k to kinder) experience a new art material today — oil pastels! We talked about how they are similar to crayons but can get really ‘melty’ and can smudge on our hands. We were going to finish up our popsicles from the previous week. They chose a background color they wanted to work on and then used oil pastels to decorate. I suggested drawing short lines or dots for sprinkles, creating a pattern with lines and shapes, drawing spirals, or whatever they felt their art needed!

After the littles created our oil pastel backgrounds, they cut out their painted popsicles from the previous class. Then they glued their popsicle papers onto pieces of actual popsicle sticks (also known as craft sticks) and placed all three onto their backgrounds. Now they have a yummy, summer collage good enough to eat!


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