Frog Origami

Level: Grade 5th, 7th, 8th

Duration:  2 Hours

Historical OverviewThe Chinese created the art of paper folding in the first century AD, around the time when paper was first invented in China. In the sixth century, the secret of making paper was carried to Japan, and from Japan comes the word “origami.” “Ori” means to fold and “gami” means paper.

Objective: Students will learn geometry, thinking skills, fractions, problem solving, and fun science.

Vocabulary:  Landmarks, Folds, Bases


Preparation :

  • Set up project/screen and computer
  • Cut paper
  • Print or create bullseye/measuring tapes and secure to floors/wall
  • Print any worksheets that you will use

Step 1: Fold a sample frog as a class

  • Usually, students will need to go through once slowly, then again with pictures more quickly in order to remember the entire process
  • Use vocabulary/vocab sheet if desired

Step 2: Allow students time to fold/design their own frogs and to practice

Step 3: Frog Olympics!

  • “Weigh in”
  • Be sure students are recording data
  • Hold Frog Olympic, Fashion Contests and events
    • Triple jump
    • Target jump
    • High jump
    • Best trick
    • Best dressed

Step 4: Analyze the data, complete analysis sheets

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