Dinosaur Paper Plate Lesson Plan

Title/ Description: Dinosaur paper plate

 Level: Pre-K/ Kindergartners

Duration: 45 min. class period

Goals and Objectives: To learn about what a Brachiosaurus, pronounced brack-ee-ow-sor-us, eats and how they behave. To expand their knowledge on dinosaurs.

Fun Facts:

  • The word dinosaur means frighteningly big lizard.
  • Dinosaurs that eat plants are called herbivores.
    • Brachiosaurus have long necks and do not chew their food.
    • They have four legs and walk on their toes.
  • Dinosaurs that eat meat are called carnivores.
    • The tyrannosaurus rex (T. Rex) has a powerful tail and teeth but small arm.
    • They have two legs

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  1. Paper plates
  2. Stapler or glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Crayons/markers/color pencils


  1. Cut the paper plate in half; one half will be the dinosaur’s body
  2. Cut the outer portion of a new paper plate to make the neck and head.
  3. Cut out four rectangular shapes for the legs.
  4. Cut out a lengthy triangular shape for the tail.
  5. Staple or glue the legs to the the body; attach the neck and tail to the body as well.
  6. Use crayons/markers/color pencils to decorate the dinosaur.