Feminist Art

Rising in popularity in the 1980s, Feminist art wanted to invoke more emotions and bring forward a standard message more than any art form to come before them. This movement was about women expressing themselves as equal to men through art for the first time. In what is known as the first wave of feminine art, women artists took pride in their unique perspective on the circle of life and the reproductive cycle.

Using the handout at home, choose your own female artists inspiration and explain why they made a difference.

Learn new vocabulary: Invoke, Feminism, Reproductive Cycle 

Tool Kit: A phone or laptop, and the Female Artists Handout 


Step 1: Using a phone or laptop, research a feminist artist that you find especially interesting or unique. 

Step 2: What do you find interesting about their art or them as a person? Is it the medium they use? Is it the messaging? What really draws you to them? There are no wrong answers to this, so finding a few different reasons is fine too. 

Step 3: Using the handout, fill in the blanks for how you found the artist, what you like about their art, your favorite piece, and something interesting about their life. 

Group Activity: Ask your friends and family if they know of the artist you chose to research. If not, what do they think of the art? Do they think the medium the artist used was interesting or boring? Get their genuine opinions. 

Extend Your Journey: If you are artistically inclined, try making art using the mediums Feminist artists do, whether that be through embroidery or spoken word. 

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