Fashion Design, Anime, & Mazes

This week’s lesson at Penn Treaty was quite interesting for me personally because it was mainly focused on fashion design and I was intrigued with how creative the students could really get especially after seeing Iris Van Herpn’s work and shows a couple of weeks ago.

Everyone started off designing their own clothes on a headless upper torso manikin, but then it turned into a conversation about anime shows and characters. This conversation has led to the students drawing anime characters along with a bubble design of their names in 3D. On a side note, I continued to build the maze for the robot with some help from the students from time to time. 
I really loved their creative ideas to not only enhance but make the maze more dynamic and elegant. It’s so amazing to see more students participate in activities each week. Overall, I can see these students potentially excelling at whatever they put their mind to through support and encouragement from us at Artsphere and others who are willing to help out.