Creating Gray – Painted Shark Portraits

Littles – Fishtown Rec Center
We chatted about sharks and Shark Week and everyone was eager to create their own shark! The children got to choose their background color, write their name on the back, and then draw a rounded triangle on the front. This round triangle will be their shark jumping out of the water.

We discussed how to make gray (white + black). I passed out bowls with white and black paint and let pairs of children mix up the paint to create gray. Then they painted their rounded triangles. Some kids shared with me their tips on how to paint neatly 🙂 Some showed me how they stayed INSIDE the triangle, and then could easily fix it if they went a little outside of it. I loved hearing all their different painting strategies.  

While the paint was drying, everyone was given a thick strip of blue paper. They were asked to draw a wavy line from one side to the other, then they were to cut along their line and glue it to the bottom of their papers. The littles glued pre-cut mouths made out of black construction paper onto their sharks, then cut and glued white triangles for teeth.

Last, we added two googly eyes to our sharks. RAWRRRR! Then, we all sang and danced to “Baby Shark” do do do do do dooo


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