Making a Sensory Bottle

*This project requires parental supervision  

Objectives: Create a calming, colorful object 


  • Sealed Water Bottle  
  • Hot Glue  
  • Piece of printer paper 
  • Accessories  
  • Glitter  
  • Googly Eyes  
  • Colored Rubber Bands  
  • Food Coloring 


Step 1: Break the Seal on the Water Bottle 

Step 2: Pour about half of the water bottle out 

Step 3: Cut the printer paper into a large square 

Step 4: Roll the printer paper to create a funnel or tube and place into the top of the water bottle 

Step 5: Add any or all of the accessories that you wish to 

Step 6: Add water to the bottle until it is almost full 

Step 7: Hot glue the cap to the top of the bottle  

Step 8: Hold the cap in place until the hot glue dries. And then shake and enjoy. 

Sense Engaged:

  • Sight 

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