Create Your Own Bean Bag

*This Project requires parental supervision 

Objective: Create an on-the-go calming tool. 


  • Square Piece of cloth  
  • Beans/Rice  
  • Hot Glue  

Step 1: Turn the piece of cloth so it is inside out 

Step 2: Fold the piece of cloth in half 

Step 3: Hot glue the long side and one of the short sides  

Step 4: Once the glue is dry turn the piece of cloth so it is right side out. 

Step 5: Fill the inside with either beans or rice until you reach the desired thickness 

Step 6: Fold the top of the opening to create a seam 

Step 7: On that seam hot glue and press closed with the other side  

Step 8: Check to make sure that there are not gaps in the cloth 

Step 9: Enjoy. 

Sense Engaged  

  • Touch


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