Clay Turkey Trivet

  • Clay
  • Feddling Knife
  • Measuring Sticks
  • Glaze
  • Knead clay several times to get out air bubbles.
  • Use a rolling pin to roll the clay out to about 1/8 an inch thick (we used 1/8th inch dowel rods to measure against)
  • Place the child’s hand on the clay with fingers spread apart, and press the hand into the clay to make an imprint
  • The teacher can then cut hand shape out. (Older students can do this themselves.)
  • With a fettling knife, make a beak and wattles on the thumb so that it looks like a turkey
  • Roll four small balls out with remaining clay.
  • Projects should then be fired in the kiln (by the teacher
  • Once projects are fired students can glaze the trivet.
  • Glaze color suggestions: brown, orange, yellow
  • The teacher will fire again.
The project is now complete! Turkey trivets are great for practical use or as a holiday gift!

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