Easy Día de los Muertos Paper Masks

Project Title: Dia de los Muertos Masks (Day of the Dead Masks)  

Description: Students use their knowledge of patterns to create their own Day of the Dead inspired mask.
Author: Dayna Ensminger
Grade level or Target Age Range: K-2
Historical Art Examples or References: Images of sugar skulls, Mexican masks, and Day of the Dead celebration
Vocabulary: Day of the Dead, sugar skulls, masks, pattern, color
Materials: glue, scissors, mask printout, markers, crayons, craft sticks

Anticipatory Set: Discussion of celebrations and traditions. Understand the “Day of the Dead” is to celebrate and remember those who have moved on.

1. Discuss Dia de los Muertos. Students may pull from prior knowledge that it was in the movie, “The Book of Life.” Show images of skull masks.

2. Pass out skull mask papers.

3. Begin drawing and coloring patterns onto mask using markers or crayons.

4. Cut out masks.

5. Teacher assist with cutting out eyes (optional)

6. Glue to a craft stick.