Build Your Own Puppet

At Towey this week, the students created their own puppets from brown paper bags and various materials. This gave them a chance to let their creativity run wild. Puppets are a fun project because not only can students create them in so many ways, but they are also able to use them afterwards. It is not a one and done kind of project. We want our students to be able to take their art off the table and have some fun with it as well. With the puppets, they were able to engage and play with their classmates. This can range from puppet shows, make-believe interactions, and other creative games.

While this seems like a simple activity, it does help students progress and grow in their social environment. It takes things to a new level as they can take on personas, interact with their friends, and build on their creativity. We want our students to be able to share their stories and experiences, and I personally think puppets are a great way to start that.

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