The Imprint of Fall

Our middle schoolers at Penn Treaty tackled leaf imprinting this week. Several of our classes have done this project this season, but it was their first time trying this out. This is a really interesting project that is able to combine art and biology and turn it into something fun. By placing a piece of paper on top of a leaf, students are able to go over the top of it with a crayon and capture the imprint of the leaf. By doing this, we are able to see not only the outline, but the veins, creases, and structures that allow the leaf to grow and capture nutrients.

One of our volunteers, Ryan was also able to work directly one-on-one with one of the students. This was a cool experience for him because he was able to help out the student in a specific area of interest. We love it when there are opportunities to work through projects and ideas with students who want to pursue art. It’s so vital that we are able to encourage them, as well as critique in their artwork in hopes to help them grow as an individual and artist. We hope to be able to continue to be able to work personally with students who have a love for the arts.

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