Art Sphere Inc. Spring 2024 Curriculum

We have a diverse set of project handouts planned for the months of April, May, and June. Each theme provides a unique opportunity for students to explore and express themselves.

Easter and Eid

  • Encourage students to create artwork or crafts that reflect the cultural significance of Easter and Eid.  
  • Explore similarities and differences between the two celebrations through discussions and collaborative projects. 

Bookmaking, Writing, and Poetry

  • Guide students in creating their own books, fostering creativity in writing and illustrating.  
  • Encourage the exploration of different poetic forms and styles, allowing students to express themselves through words. 


  • Organize nature walks or outdoor activities to inspire artwork depicting the beauty of the natural world.  
  • Have students create nature journals or sketches, observing and documenting their surroundings.  

Fish and Sea Life

  • Explore marine biology through art by having students draw or craft representations of fish and sea creatures.  
  • Discuss the importance of ocean conservation and how art can raise awareness about environmental issues.  


  • Integrate hands-on gardening activities with artistic expression, such as creating plant-themed artwork or designing garden signs.  
  • Explore the concept of growth and transformation through both gardening and artistic projects.  

Health, Fitness, and Self-care

  • Incorporate art into discussions about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  
  • Have students create vision boards or artwork that represent their personal wellness goals.  

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) 

  • Integrate art into STEAM projects, encouraging interdisciplinary learning.  
  • Explore how creativity plays a role in scientific and technological innovation through art-based experiments.  


  • Have students design their own board games or create artwork inspired by their favorite games.  
  • Explore the cultural and historical significance of traditional games from different regions.  


  • Encourage self-expression through cartooning, allowing students to create characters that represent aspects of their identity.  
  • Discuss the power of visual storytelling in conveying personal narratives.  

Family and Heritage

  • Guide students in creating artwork that reflects their family traditions and cultural heritage.  
  • Discuss the importance of preserving and celebrating one’s cultural background through artistic expression.  


  • Celebrate the bond between humans and animals through pet-themed art projects.  
  • Explore the responsibilities of pet ownership and the positive impact pets can have on well-being.