Art Sphere believes in the Power of Us!

Art Sphere Inc. empowers students to connect with one another, history and their community through the arts. We take students on a journey around the planet with curriculum that celebrates the gifts and talents of diverse cultures and art forms.

At Art Sphere Inc, we believe that an education in the arts is essential to learning to appreciate all that is beautiful and meaningful in the world around us and ourselves.  We believe that everyone deserves a safe space to learn, that the arts rejuvenate the spirit and that self expression and reflection through art programs help participants care physically and emotionally for themselves and their loved ones. An education is a human right and a gift that keeps giving.

We build creative communities on meaningful themes such as Literacy, Music, Perseverance and Mindfulness that provide not just hands-on arts programming that bring people together through sharing but creates common experiences that require participants to be present in the moment and disconnect from technology so they can connect with others in real time.

Our approach to using the arts as a vehicle to reinforce other subjects such as African-American history specifically creates opportunities for those most vulnerable to rise out of poverty with valuable role models. By removing barriers by giving art materials directly to students to make art from home and making sure our students can participate in programs with resources such as they can start to build a life that nourishes their minds and fuels their dreams.

We recognize that school and recreation center buildings do not create communities, caring people do. The generosity of our supporters, partners, and neighbors have enabled us to come a long way towards our vision to bring skilled, compassionate arts teachers to these sites to share their passion for learning.

We invite you to be a part of that process and volunteer. Partner with us and create long lasting impact for children across Philadelphia from low-income and under-served neighborhoods.

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*October 17 is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty – When ASI plans an unveiling of our newest free Music through the Art, Perseverance Through Art and Literacy Through Art curriculum books that help make free access to the arts and education possible. Learn more here.