Art Passports

Boy drawing

Project Title: Art Passports
Description: Students will use their art passport as a way of self-expression, to brainstorm ideas, and make connections to new cultures and places.
Author: Dayna Ensminger
Grade level or Target Age Range: Elementary Level, ages 5+

Historical Art Examples or References: Images of different historical landmarks from around the world, world maps, images of different countries, images of cultural attire, images of cultural celebrations
Vocabulary: Culture, color, pattern, country, celebration, self-portrait
Materials: Art passports printed and folded, crayons, markers, pencils


1. Brief discussion on passports, what they are used for, and if any of the students have their own.

2. Students will be given their art passports and asked to write their names on the front.

3. Next, students should begin to personalize their passports. They may do this by filling out information about themselves on the first page.

4. Other pages include: Design a Postcard, Draw yourself in a hot air balloon, What’s in my suitcase?, Ways to travel, Design your own kimono, and more!

5. The Art Passport is not meant to be completed during one art class, it should span over the course of several art days. It should be used as a precursor when learning about a new country or culture. Students can reference important celebrations or historical landmarks from a variety of different countries that may be covered during the art classes.

Kids drawing