Aloha-Lei Art Project

Art Sphere supplied the materials and facilitated the Hawaiian “Aloha-Lei Project” at John H. Webster Elementary in Kensington. This unique collaboration with a local art teacher reached 500 students with a message of sharing, love, peace, and compassion through bead and flower necklaces.

You can make an Aloha-Lei art project too. We used fishing line recycled plastic tubing cut into bead sizes, beads, and disassembled silk flowers. Students also made green skirts out of butcher paper and danced.

The Hawaiian word “Aloha” means love, mercy, compassion, pity, loved one, to love, greetings, and goodbye. It is a word that contains deep feelings and emotions. Giving a “flower lei” as a gift also expresses the same meanings as the word “Aloha.”

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