7/18 & 7/20 at Shissler Recreation Center

This week at Shissler Recreation Center, we did two different projects with the younger and older kids. On Tuesday, we made rainsticks decorated with aboriginal dot work with the older group. Before using paint, they practiced using dots to make designs and animals on paper. The younger kids seemed more hestitant and doubtful of what designs to make while the older kids dived in. That surprised me because I would’ve assumed to opposite. However no one held back when they were given paint.

On Thursday we taught the younger kids about warm and cool colors. First, they completed a worksheet that taught them about the color wheel, and which colors on the wheel were considered warm and cool. Then they used what they learned to color in a drawing of the moon and sun, using warm colors for the sun and cool colors for the moon. Some of the kids needed a lot of help remembering which colors were warm and which were cool, but it was rewarding to see some of the kids really start to get it.

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