7/24 Fishtown and Cione Recreation Centers

For our 3rd ASI sessions at Fishtown and Cione recreation centers, we lead the 4 groups through four different projects. At Fishtown, we continued the theme of travel and taught the kids about India. For the older group, we had them trace their hands on construction paper and draw their own henna designs. For the younger group, we lead them through a crayon and watercolor painting of an Indian Elephant.


At Cione, we lead the younger group through a fairly simple project that gave them a lot of room to be creative. First, we taught the kids about warm and cool colors and gave them chalk pastels to create their own skyscapes on construction paper. Next, we gave the kids coffee filters to design their own hot air balloons. Then, they drew self portraits on precut pieces of white paper. Finally, we helped them glue the balloon, self portrait, and pre-cut basket shape onto their chalk pastel skies. The results were wonderfully fun and creative. The older group was a bit smaller that day, and the kids occupied their time by making Cellulite clay bowls and plates by pressing them onto the forms of already existing plastic plates and bowls.