7/17 Fishtown and Cione Rec centers: Fish, Frogs, Cherry Blossoms and Postcards

At Fishtown and Cione Rec centers we’ve been planning each class around the theme of travel. During our first class we gave the kids “passport” activity books to fill out and color in. On July 17th we taught the Fishtown kids about Japan and made Carp windsocks with both age groups. We collected the completed fish and we’ll hang them all together at the end of the summer program.

At Cione, we read the younger group a story taking place in France called “Phillppe in Monet’s Garden”. Afterwards, we lead the group through sponge painting of water meant to be reminiscent of impressionist paintings. We then helped them draw and cut out frogs to glue onto the water. Even though they received the same instructions  each of their frogs were completely unique. In the older group, we returned to the subject of Japan and led the kids through a painting of a cherry blossom branch and then gluing tissue paper blossoms onto the branch.  After they finished that project, many of them continued working on these watercolor postcards that we started the previous week.


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