United Kingdom

London has one of the oldest and largest transport systems in the world. The 270 functioning stations of the London Underground boast over 400 escalators (the longest is at Angel in North London), but there are another 40 stations that aren’t even used anymore – and that’s before we even mention the famous red buses.

The U.K. has 13 British overseas territories among them are the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, Gibraltar on the Iberian Peninsula and Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.

The United Kingdom is in Western Europe, with a population of 66.65 million people. The capital is London, and their currency is the pound sterling. Their official language is English.

They celebrate many holidays including: *If the first date is a Saturday or Sunday, the celebrated day gets shifted to the next Monday **If Christmas/Boxing Day is on a Saturday/Sunday these days are also taken off

Fun activities to do

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Also try making a postcard and it’s stamp! Try filling in your suitcase for the trip!