Paul Gestos

“If they’re not talking about climate, they’re not speaking to the real concerns of every American.

  • Name: Paul Getsos
  • From: New York, USA
  • Pronouns: He/him/his
  • Contribution/Impact: He spent the past four years addressing climate change and inequality through social movements. He continues to build the People’s Climate March.
  • Occupation: Organizer, strategist
  • Awards: Ford Foundation’s Leadership for a Changing World Award as part of the leadership team of Community Voices Heard.
  • Interesting Facts: He started to learn organizing when he got involved with ACT UP, the AIDS activist group.
Paul Gestos

New York based climate activist. He served as the national coordinator for the Peoples Climate Movement, and is a co-author of Tools For Radical Democracy: How to Organize For Power In Your Community. He was an organizer of the Peoples Climate March on the UN Climate Summit in 2014, and then on April 29 the March for Climate Justice in DC. He is currently project director of United Today, Stronger Tomorrow – Communities Respond to COVID

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