Volunteer Participant Quotes

Volunteers shared below from Annual Philly Spring Clean-Up 

“It takes a village to keep a village together!” ~Dominique~ 

“Had a great time being outside and creating with our neighbors.”

“I really liked volunteering so much today.”

“Giving back with a purpose!”

“Felt more accomplished than usual on a Saturday morning!”  ~Jessica~

“Great way to spend a Sat morning, giving back to our community.”

“Definitely had fun painting fish over graffiti.”  ~Danny~

“I’m glad to serve our neighborhood & city.” ~Bill~

“It was great to see a difference, to make that difference.”

“A simple fresh coat of paint really goes a long way in making an environment seem more alive and appealing.”

“Color is power!”

“I felt that Art Sphere gave me the opportunity to use my painting skills to effect a change in a place where change is needed and resources are limited.”  ~Gretchen~

“Its great to help the neighborhood I live in!” ~Paul

“It was wonderful doing something I love and volunteering at the same time.  It was a liberating experience.”

“Way more organized having an additional organization to partner with us.”  ~John~

“I enjoyed myself today.”

“I felt like the work that I was doing was really making a difference even though I was just painting simple fish.  I could imagine coming here in the future and dreaming up a sea for my fish to swim in.”

“It was great!  Felt connected to the community through collective creativity!!”  ~Samantha~

“I loved feeling like I left a positive impression on the neighborhood. Bringing more beauty into our community improves everyone’s lives.”  ~Cara~

“Helping to improve the neighborhood feels great.”  ~Scott~

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