The Power of Instruments: Ukulele

Dominic rocking out on the ukulele at Cione Recreation Center


The ukulele has always been one of my favorite instruments. It’s small, easily portable, it has soft strings, it’s easy to learn, and it has a beautiful, sweet sound. Artsphere students learned where ukuleles come from (Hawaii), the different parts of a ukulele (body, neck, frets, strings), the names of the strings (G, C, E, A), and everyone got a chance to play it. We learned C chords and F chords, and took turns singing favorite songs, such as “Wheels on the Bus” and the ABC song. It’s so fun watching students channel their inner rock stars on this beautiful instrument!

Mohammad, Sajah, and Pippa learning new chords on the ukulele at Towey Recreation Center.
Mohammad, Pippa, and Sajah learning new chords on the ukulele with Miss Theresa at Towey Recreation Center.