Thanksgiving – Make your Cornucopia

Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas is just around the corner! Students now get a chance to design their own Cornucopia using pencils and papers! After introducing the different ways to draw basic shapes, we began by drawing the outer edge of the basket opening. Use pairs of curved lines to enclose small, connected, teardrop shapes. Use these to form a partial circle. This pattern gives the basket a woven appearance.

Next we use overlapping curved lines to sketch the nearly circular shape. Draw the stem on top, using a curved rectangular shape. Make it appear three-dimensional by drawing a small oval at the tip of the stem. Then, extend curved lines outward from the base of the stem.

We then put our favorite fruits and vegetables in our basket! Many students drew apples, grapes and Finally, the leaves were added to the picture. Some small leaves consist of just two curved lines that meet at a point, with a third to indicate the vein. Some students were creative enough to draw real fruits they were eating to their images. In the end students used color pencils to give lives to their food.

Final Cornucopia

I found many younger kids found interests in making art cause they get to decide what they want to make and it is not very hard. Some older kids also started helping the younger ones and tell them how to draw a person or a circle, I wanted to foster these supportive environment when the students do not need to be afraid to voice what they want to say. In the end, students were very happy that they get to keep the works they have made and enjoy showing to their parents as well.

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