Create Your Own Quilled Pencil Cup

Brighten up your desk by decorating a pencil cup with construction paper spirals! It’s fun to make, pretty to look at, and will inspire you to write!

This project is one of the virtual literacy through art classes hosted on Facebook Live from 1:30-2pm every Wednesday and Friday. Materials and instructions are posted here afterwords, but make sure you tune into the live classes to ask questions, give suggestions, and interact with other students who are stuck at home!

If you want to watch the recording of the live video, click here!


  • A cup to decorate. You can use recycled cans, containers, old jars, or use an old pencil cup and spruce it up!
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Construction paper that you will cut into long strips


  1. Find a cup to decorate and gather your materials.
  2. Come up with a design for your cup. It can be a rainbow, one color, your two favorite colors, or anything else you want!
  3. Cut long strips out of the construction paper, like the strips pictured above.
  4. Roll them so they look like spirals, and make enough to cover your whole cup!
  5. Put lots of glue directly on your cup and arrange the spirals in any way you like. Make sure you hold the spirals down for a few seconds before moving on or they will fall off!
  6. Check out the live video for instructions on how to make a cup border and spirals with two colors!
  7. Once you let it dry, put your pencil cup to use! Put your writing and coloring materials inside and put it somewhere you can look at!

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