Reflection on the Summer Art Classes

Hi, my name is Lindsay Mueller, and I’m currently a student of Painting and Psychology at Boston University, although I am from the Philadelphia Suburb area.  This summer I helped teach art classes at Fishtown and Towey Rec Centers on Mondays with some of the other ASI volunteers.  This was my first time volunteering for Art Sphere, but I’m glad to say that I really enjoyed my experience and will hopefully be helping with these classes again next summer.  I’ve volunteer taught art classes before at a charter school in Boston whose students similarly did not have much access to art supplies/classes, but what I think is very successful about Art Sphere’s program is that we taught the same kids every week, allowing us to get to know them and cater more to their specific needs.  Through the six weeks of us teaching them I got to see most of the kids experiment with their ideas and work together with one another, all having fun in the process.  Also, on the last day, when asking the kids if they liked having the art classes, many of them said that they hoped we’d be back next summer, and they seemed to really enjoy having us come in to work with them.  They also got to see all of their work from the summer displayed together on the last day.


This summer I had a fun time getting to know the kids and seeing all of the different ideas they’d come up with once given a new art project.  Overall, I think this is a really good program that ASI runs with lots of friendly and hardworking people, and I’m excited to come back and teach classes next summer.

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