How We Can Do Our Part

This week I watched a great lecture from Idealist founder Ami Dar. The concepts he discussed revolved around how we ( people of all countries) need to connect together to create a better future. He began the discussion by confronting the gap that often exists between intention and action. While our worldly problems are connected, we are not. The world is full of good ideas, but they do not spread quickly enough. Here is a great outline of how we, as volunteers, can do our part.

As Volunteers, how can we do more?

  • By creating a network. Make it easier to imagine, connect, and take action in every way.

How do we start?

  • A picture sparks the imagination.
  • Values speak in unison.
  • As connectors (those who take action/ lead), we are willing to put our personal agendas aside.

What do connectors do?

  • Speak up! Raise your hand!
  • Meet and team up!

How do we make it easier to take action? How can we push and pull ideas?

  • Conquer fear together and create opportunities.


  • More action, connections, and ideas.
  • Goals and values bring connectors together; as a result, they create a team.

Here is another inspirational talk from musician Amanda Palmer in a  TED talk. While her lecture is focused on music, it revolves around The Art of Asking and trusting others.

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