Heart Envelopes and Spring at Tzu Chi

A couple of weeks ago, we had a lesson focusing on the Heart Envelope craft. The main theme for the sample and demonstration was the spring season. The students were asked what features and creatures of spring, or just nature in general, they appreciated so they could make a message on the envelope in dedication to them.

The sample letter I made to demo was to welcome back the birds after winter migration. We asked the students questions, such as in what direction do birds tend to migrate, why they go, etc. as well as to which animals they would like to write a letter.

The students were given cut-out shapes they could glue onto their letters as well as markers and colored pencils for decorating and writing on them. They truly enjoyed the creative freedom they had—something almost universal in young children.

And we had lovely results that many were proud to show.

The lesson concluded with enough time for the Center teachers to gather the students and the volunteers for a Tzu Chi song called “We Are One Family,” which is performed in Chinese and sign language.

The students and teachers all had a lot of fun with it, and the song, translated for us by one of the volunteers, was so sweet and warm. The song spoke of shared happiness and trust for each other.

It was a deeply encouraging and memorable moment. It reminded us why we joined Art Sphere and how lucky we are to know and help everyone at Tzu Chi.

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