The Guitar is a wooden instrument with a fretted fingerboard and curved in sides that usually has six strings.  

The Guitar was invented in 1500 BC. The six-string acoustic guitar was invented by Gaetano Vinaccia however the more modern design that we know today was created by Antonio Torres Jurado and originates from Spain.  

Rocked with Star!

Let’s enjoy the sound of this instrument through this wonderful performance by Eddie Van Halen .

Learn more about Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen was born on January 26th 1955, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Despite one of his parents being a pianist and even taking lessons from a teacher, he was never actually taught to read music but rather would listen to recordings of Bach and Mozart only to then improvise. Whilst his parents wanted him to get into classical music, Van Halen was drawn towards rock music inspired by bands like the Bettles and the Dave Clark Five.  
Eddie and his brother formed the band that would become Van Halen in 1972 with the name change happening 2 years later. It became a staple of the Los Angeles music scene rather quickly and in 1977 Warner Records had offered Van Halen a recording contract. The band won the 1992 Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocals for the album For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. 



Objective: Encourages Language, Motor Skills and Musical Expression  


  • sturdy paper/plastic plate 
  • rubber bands 
  • wood painter’s stick 
  • stickers/paints/colored pencils 
  • glue stick/tape 



Step 1: Using a glue stick or tape, tape together the paper/plastic plate and the wood’s painter stick as the neck of the guitar. 

Step 2: Take the rubber band and carefully stretch the band from the top of the plate by the painter’s stick to the bottom of the paper/plastic plate. 

Step 3: Now that the guitar is made, make it YOUR OWN by using stickers, colored pencils, markers, or other art utensils! Decorate your guitar however you like, make it one of a kind! 

Step 4: ROCK OUT! 


Senses Engaged : Multi-Sensory 

  1. Touch 
  2. Sound  
  3. Sight  


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