Fortnight Art Project! Map Making with Middle School

Tuesday, March 26 was my last day in the classroom before switching to all office work with Art Sphere. As promised, I brought a Fortnight themed project for the kids: map making! I did some reading about Fortnight and understood that the terrain the kids play on is important. I asked them to tell me a little about the game and what they like about it. We talked about the benefits of certain features and the creativity behind designing a game map. About half the class plays Fortnight, but everyone had played some type of game where the map was important. 

For those who weren’t hype about Fortnight, we talked about designing a fantasy island. I had brought some handouts with examples of modular city features, like roads and buildings. Brooke wanted her island to be a water park, so we looked up some pictures of water slides to copy. I spent some time towards the end of class just chatting with Brooke; she showed me a memory box she had made earlier in the day. She was going to fill it with remembrances of her late father, and told me some stories about him. It was a really nice conversation, and a nice opportunity to get to know Brooke a little better.