First Day at Fishtown Rec Center

Today I had the opportunity to finally meet the preschoolers at Fishtown Rec Center. I also got to meet Yaling, the teacher’s assistant assigned to the site. I was really nervous about what tasks were to be at hand. But, luckily Kristin was there to set an example for the expectations for the preschoolers. My nerves are calmed and I feel comfortable with leading a class.
First we had the kids take part in a pre-test to see what levels they performed at in terms of reading, following directions, and color recognition. I came to find that the kids like to copy off of each other’s work or they become easily distracted. However, most of them really did understand what was being asked of them, but they chose to talk to their friends instead. I was impressed with the kids and that even around 4 years old they can spell, write, and read simple words such as colors (red, orange, blue, etc).

Next we had the kids start a book having to do with their favorite stuffed animal. This project will be on-going throughout the next ten weeks.
I’m looking forward to teaching the kids about the importance of eating healthy, which we will focus on next week.

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