Lesson Plan: Class Collage Color Wheel

Your Destination: As a class, create a large-scale color wheel collage with pieces of construction paper. 


Travel Kit:

colored papers in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple

scissors (optional)

glue sticks

large-scale (at least 24”x36”) drawing of blank color wheel on poster board, foam board, or tri-fold board


On the Path:


Step #1:  Before class, draw a large-scale, 6 part color wheel on white board. Write the color names in the appropriate spaces or add a color swatch for pre-readers. Roughly cut colored papers vertically into long, fat strips.


Step #2: Review Color Wheel lesson. It can be helpful to teach students the order of the colors in a song so they remember which colors lie next to each other.


Step #3:  If the class size is large, divide the class in half. One half will work on the collage while the other colors a blank color wheel or rainbow to reinforce the color wheel review.


Step #4: Cut or tear the paper strips into large chunks and match paper color to correct wedge of the color wheel, then glue in place to cover up the white space.  Overlapping will and should occur to create a textured surface.  


Group Tour: Ask each student to sign his/her name to the collaborative collage.  Hang the collage in the classroom for future reference.


Vocab:  collage, color wheel, overlapping



Concept to be tested: order of colors in the color wheel, how to tear paper, matching colors to each other.

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