Disco originated as a genre of dance music in the late 70s from the urban nightlife scene and can be traced as a reaction to the popularity of rock music at the time and the stigmatization of dance music.

Disco was a polarizing genre even when it was popular. What is something that may be popular now but a lot of people don’t like? Why don’t they like it? Do you like it? The handout detail a few examples of popular subjects or genres of media that are looked down on.

Learn new vocabulary: Stigmatization, flamboyant, Urban

Tool Kit: Disco’s Downfall, and pencils 


Step 1: As we are focusing more on the cultural impact of disco instead of the musical, try to think of popular subjects that may be objectively bad or just bad in your opinion. This can pertain to music, art, or everyday subjects. 

Step 2: What makes them terrible? Is it the core of the subject? Is it the audience? The community it creates? What is the main reason for your distaste? 

Step 3: Using the handout, write down some current genres or subjects that you have a distaste for and explain what your gripe against that subject is. You can write down a really detailed response or a short and simple answer, whatever you feel gets your point across the best. 

Group Activity: Ask your friends and family what they think of Disco? Do they like it? Are there any popular things they don’t like? Why do they not like it? Be sure to have a conversation about these subjects and try to gain a new perspective 

Extend Your Journey: If you do enjoy Disco, feel free to look online for other Disco artists and songs. You may just find your new favorite genre! 

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