Counting the Hours Lesson Plan

Project Title: Counting the Hours

Description: Students make paper watches and document the most important time/hours of their day. A great way to introduce responsibility and discuss how students spend their time.

Project Ideas: responsibility, mental health, intrapersonal,

Author: Peter

Grade Level: preschool early elementary

Materials: construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, crayons, colored pencils,

Anticipatory Set: Make a diagram of a clock face. Discuss different activities that might happen during each time. Make a second clock diagram to present with examples of your favorite times of the day.

Peter and magic bracelet

Demo Directions:

  • Anticipatory set and open discussion on why keeping track of time is important (10 minutes)
  • Have students cut out a long rectangular strip and a circle from their construction paper (5 minutes)
  •  Have students pick 3-4 of their favorite times of the day and mark it on the circle, the watch head. (10 minutes)
  • Then students can begin to decorate their wristbands and watch heads with different elements of their favorite times of the day. (10 minutes)
  • glue wristband and watch head together ( 5 minutes)
  • Students can spend the remainder of class presenting their watches and talking about what times are most important to them. (10 minutes)

    Huffington post – A visual timeline of how historical figures spent their days (there is a Benjamin Franklin one near the bottom)
    hautehologerie – The history of watches and telling time

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