Castle And Crowns and New Mural

This week we made crowns decorated with jewels and students decided what kingdom they would rule. Our vocabulary included all the basic shapes and we even got fancy and reviewed hexagons, octagons, and parallelograms.

Next class, we will be finishing Thursday’s project of making family crests and our vocabulary will review animals, plants, mythical animals, and symbolic objects. We will be continuing the theme with treasure chests, castles, and dragons to represent each of the students’ countries. We are in the process of making a 12″ by 12″ by 6″ model of an actual medieval castle (in Wales) where we hope to assemble the students’ dragons. We were wondering if it was possible to display this project in a case at the school. We would also like to begin a mural project on parachute cloth with hopes that we could staple it on the upper portion of the wall where the wood meets the ceiling. If it is well received we would be happy to permanently install it with gel medium.

We would like to start this mural project with current semester students and continue working on it with the summer program. We can do this with the students’ ideas as well as work with students one on one while keeping things neat and clean. We thought that a window box garden theme would brighten the hallway and that each of the flowers could represent a different nationality of student- a garden’s diversity of flowers makes it more beautiful.

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