Britto Project

Project Title: Britto Project

Description: Students emulate Romero Britto

Author: Francesca

Grade level or Target Age Range: preschool to middle school

Historical Art Examples or References: Romero Britto is a Brazilian neo-pop artist that focuses on cubism, pop-art and street art. He is known for his bold use of shape and color.

Vocabulary: Cubism, pop-art, design

Materials: Paper, markers, gel pens

Anticipatory Set: Discussion the artist and his movement.


  1. Draw a simple drawing with thick black outlines
  2. Make smaller outlines around random areas of the drawing
  3. Color in those areas by giving each a different pattern and color combination

Discussion: Life applications; how the lesson might apply to non-art related experiences or other types of knowledge.

  1. Who is Romero Britto
  2. What is cubism?
  3. What is pop-art?

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