Big Fish, Little Fish Lesson

Project Title: Big Fish, Little Fish

Description: these projects take a look at fish and their different sizes. One is small enough to live in a bowl. While the other project focuses on fish that need big spaces like rivers, ponds, and the ocean.

Author: Candice

Grade Level or Target Age Range : preschool

Vocabulary: shape, size, color, kelp, seaweed, fins, gills

Materials: paper bags, paper plates with a section cut off, paper cut in a fish shape, little green strips of paper glue, brushes, yarn or string, crayons

Demo/ Directions:

big fish little fish lesson

Project One: Fishbowl

  1. Have students color in their paper plates. Yellow on the bottom and blue on the rest of the plate. The top of the plate is the cut off portion. ( 5 minutes)
  2. Then have students color in their fish and glue them onto their plate. ( 5 minutes)
  3. Next have students crumple up their green paper strips and glue them on their plate. ( 10 minutes)

big fish little fish lesson

Project Two: Paper Bag Fish

  1. Have students color their bag on all sides including the bottom. ( 5 minutes)
  2. Next have students blow up their fish and help them tie string or yarn to then end to make a tail. (  10 minutes)
  3. Then have students draw on the eyes and mouth on both sides. ( 5 minutes)
  4. Now that the project is done have students swim around the room. They can pretend that the room is a pond or the ocean.It also gives you a chance to talk about the amount of space different creatures need to survive. (10 to 20 minutes)

big fish little fish lesson

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