ASI Takes Women Veterans on a Hike

It is so much fun to explore nature with others and share the relaxation that big, calm, open water, happy meadows and quiet paths bring. 

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On our journey through the refuge, we identified edible plants, native plants, and invasive plants, turkeys, egrets, blue heron, wood ducks, painted turtles, and deer.

On the trails and benches along paths, we practice gentle breathing exercises to get into the flow, use nature guide books, binoculars and cameras, learn basic drawing techniques to share the beauty that surrounds us and express our unique creativity, write poems to capture the moment, and use guided meditation and walking meditation to bring the calm home to our internal selves.

In the museum portion of the center, we found Indigenous Peoples in the Americas and colonial artifacts, animal skeletons, wildlife photo exhibits, feathers, nests, and educational displays.

For the veterans going on our nature walks, it has been their first time to John Heinz Wildlife refuge even though many have been lifelong residents of Philadelphia.

Participants on our nature retreat, hikes, and healing walks overwhelmingly respond that they can’t get over how relaxed they feel and look forward to bringing their spouses and partners and family members back to this magical place filled with beauty.

Maybe you’ll want to join us too?  It is a two-hour commitment that feels like you have been away from stress for days. Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers and be prepared to leave with a smile.

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