Poems By Volunteers

Thats what they call life… (a poem by a former high school volunteer who has since gone to college and became a teacher)

What she doin’?  What he thinkin’?  Where she goin’?  And why is she showin’?  Expectin’ in 9  She’s running outta time

Now her parents are crying    Cuz their little girl’s dying    A victim of childbirth because she’s too young    Her body can’t handle it

So what happens to her son?    He’s alone in the world    His father remains unknown,  Till they meet for the first time    In the street when he’s all grown.    And a son he never knew    Now walks before his eyes,    Shame grips his guilty heart,    So tight he wants to die.

But the son goes on,  And continues with his life  Undaunted by failure,  No longer filled with strife.  He now understands,  His true purpose in the world:  To move forward with his education,  And not get caught up in the swirl.

So on the day of graduation  As he walks down that aisle,  Though no family’s there to meet him,  On his face is a huge smile.  He made it all alone,  With God on his side,  His own set of  rules…  With them did he comply.  He’s  fought the good fight,  And finished the race,  All thanks to that foolish little girl  Who brought him here in the first place.

Which goes to show   No matter what the fight   If one is determined   Bad experiences can be made right.

That means,dear friend,    Belief in you, and in me    Is what truly makes us free.

No amount of family    Can take the place,    Or is capable to erase    Your richness inside,    Dont tell yourself those lies.

Be grateful and use    Your gift before you lose….


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