The Duduk

The Duduk is a member of the woodwind instrument family. It orignates from Armenia and was invented in the 5th century. It is sometimes referred to as the armenian oboe.

Picture if a Dudak musical instrument

It has ancient origins, having existed since at least the fifth century, while there are Armenian scholars who believe it existed more than 1,500 years before that. The earliest instruments similar to the duduk’s present form are made of bone.

The duduk is exclusively made of wood with a large double reed, with the body made from aged apricot wood.

Picture if a Dudak musical instrument
Picture if a Dudak musical instrument

It is often used to play folk music and similar melodies and is commonly played in pairs, where the first player plays the melody and the second player plays a steady drone.

How do I play the instrument?

Blow into the mouthpiece and control the sound by using your fingers to covering or removing your fingers from over the 8 holes

Are there any instrument silimar to this one?

Balaban, Mey

How long does it take to learn?

Learning to play duduk well can take years

Is there special equipment needed for the instrument?


Picture if a Dudak musical instrument

Rock with a Star!

Let’s enjoy the sound of this instrument through this wonderful performance by Arsen Petrosyan

He received his Masters Degree in Music (Duduk concentration) at the Komitas Conservatory of Yerevan in 2016. In addition to his active recording and touring schedule, Arsen has conducted master classes and lectures on the Armenia duduk for organizations such as the World Music Institute (WMI) in New York City and the Apollo Chamber Players (Houston, Texas).