ASI Special Events

Have an interest in research, curriculum writing or the arts and want to help kids? 

We have an exciting new online volunteer opportunity available called the “ASI Day of Service Program” we would like to share with you!

We are reaching out to individuals and groups to help our staff research different inspirational figures in the arts and write curriculum for each of these leaders. Art Sphere is looking to the public to help us highlight individuals who have made major contributions and yet are often overlooked in the school curricula.

Instructions are videotaped so that volunteers can access the directions at their own schedule if they miss our Zoom Live or Google meetings. A spreadsheet, examples, search sites and templates will be made for each volunteer on a Google drive to track your progress. Web designers will show volunteers how their research will be utilized on the website. Pick a person you would like to research and help promote through our free programs on our educational website for children! 

Please email with your release form or fill out our One Day Release Form to participate in “ASI Day of Service” so we can share files with you as a “one day volunteer.”