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We want to share some reading material and broadcasts with you that reflect and influence our teaching philosophy at Art Sphere Inc. Our continuous quest for learning filters through everything we do, and we want to awaken that same thirst in our students.

Measuring Learning in Holistic Assessment
Holistic Assessment of Students
Teaching and Assessing Students Resilience
Brain-Based Learning Highlights
Discipline-Based Art Education

National Standards for Arts Education

Common Core and the Arts

Core Practices in Arts Integration

Could Arts-Integrated Education Help Your Child Succeed?

Arts Integration + Common Core = Students Prepared for the 21st Century

Making Content Connections Through Arts Integration

Arts Integration Resources

Academic research

Research and Reports on volunteering.

How the Arts Impact Communities

Measuring the economic and social impacts of art

Analysis of the social impact of art

Broken Window Theory and Tipping Point

The Healing Power of the Arts.

A compilation of stories on the healing powers of art.

A hospitals journey of installing a healing arts program.

The healing power of the creative arts in social work

Analysis of Social work as art

Different Strokes: Art and Photo Therapy Promote Healing

NLC Announces New Guide on City Strategies to Promote Black Male Achievement

Radio Broadcasts on Art and Education

The Case For the Arts in Overhauling Education by Rachel Martin (Weekend Edition Sunday on April 14, 2013. In this broadcast Rachel Martin, host of Weekend Edition Sunday, interviews Elizabeth Blair about “…her reporting on the role the arts play in helping low performing schools improve and in nurturing creativity that can help young people in all subjects.”

Creative Classes: An Artful Approach to Improving Performance by Elizabeth Blair (All Things Considered on April 16, 2013)

This show describes how low-performing schools serving students from poor families are implementing the Turnaround Arts Initiative, an intensive arts curriculum supported by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.

Chuck Close reflects on Learning School Lessons Through Art.

One of the superstar artists connected with the Turnaround Arts Initiative is painter Chuck Close. He says that when he was growing up, he had some teachers who had enough flexibility to allow him to paint a mural about Lewis and Clark, even though he would not do well on a test about it.  He’s now working with students at Roosevelt School in Bridgeport, CT.

More than 50 Years of Putting Kids’ Creativity to the Test by Elizabeth Blair (All Things Considered on April 17, 2013.)

In part two of the series on arts education, Elizabeth Blair discusses how creativity is being measured and why it is important to find a measure for creativity.

 Encouraging articles on Leadership and self-esteem.

The importance of art in schools and healing in art education.

 The misperception of art in modern times.

 Google Art Project’s place in the art world.

 How to pick project ideas.

 History inspired projects.

Helping your students meet English Language Arts Common Core State Standards

Google Art Project information