Environmental Activism Thru Art

Art can make a difference for the environment as seen at Longlots Elementary School in Connecticut helping to correct the damage from Hurricane Sandy .

The school students learned about community arts activism activities of Art Sphere Inc. and engaged in arts activism relevant to them. Living in a coastal town, with a stream right next to the school, students see ducks regularly and saw the damage left by Hurricane Sandy losing power and electricity to their own homes as well during the storm.

For inspiration, these fifth graders also learned how another youth practiced Activism Thru Art. Sadako who at 12-years-old (only a few years older then them) used cranes to spread the message of peace around the world. Learn more at Origami: Art That Travels

By making origami ducks in the place of cranes and making drawings for the national duck stamp project, students learned several ways to use art for a local cause – to raise money for Connecticut’s McKinney Park and nearby marshlands devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

In our class, students learned about the differences between water fowl and other birds with details such as their skeletal structure, body shape, and foot shape. Ducks have a positive influence on the environment and protecting the habitats that they need to exist in benefits many forms of wildlife. Learn more on ducks at: http://www.ducks.org/

Ms. Carrolls’ class bulletin board – Changing the World with Art

Students using their artwork to make a large school display to educate the rest of the school on wetland issues with origami hearts sharing messages of how other students can help the environment by participating in the stamp project contest or teaching others how buying duck stamps supports federal support of our nation’s wetlands. So far 20 entries were sent in for the contest!

Thank you Ms. Carroll’s classroom of fifth-graders who were so wonderful to work with, Martha Corneck, former ASI board member and school parent volunteer from Art Smart who arranged our visit and Braeden who made me a heart and penguin! Everyone was so helpful and made me feel so very welcomed as a visitor and teacher.

See Directions for Folding Origami Duck

See Directions for Folding Origami Heart

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