Volunteer Social Media Request

Volunteer Social Media Request 

Thank you for becoming an Art Sphere volunteer! 

We are excited that you will be joining us in our mission to engage the creative in communities! We seek to empower neighborhoods to explore the positives in peoples’ lives, and heal the mind, body and spirit through art! We hope that you will find your involvement with the community to be a rewarding and inspiring experience.

As a new volunteer, you will be provided with a username and password to the Art Sphere Inc. blog (a wordpress site). We would love for you to use the blog to introduce yourself!

As you delve into the Art Sphere experience, we encourage you to document and reflect upon the activities, events and lessons in which you take part. Please share any photos or videos that you take along the way in your postings onto the Art Sphere blog or email (facebook@artsphere.org).

Additionally, feel free to tag us in any photos, videos, social media posts you create! Art Sphere Inc. is on facebook, twitter, linked in, youtube, pinterest, tumblr, instagram, vine, and google+. Please tag us @ArtSphereInc or use some of our preferred #s. Including:


#ArtSphereInc (our standby tag for anything related to us! When in doubt use #ArtSphereInc)

#loveartsphereinc (to be used as a salutation for fundraising events)

#TakeAnArtJourney (to promote our new book “Creating Legacies through Art: Take an Art Journey”)

#CreatingLegaciesThroughArt (to share artwork/photos created inspired by the “Creating Legacies through Art book, in the future we would love to create a photo gallery showcasing work people have shared with us)

Thank you for joining us at Art Sphere. Please help us to further connect and engage with the community by sharing and expanding our presence on social media.

(Disclaimer: we are an educational, community outreach oriented non-profit. All posts must be family-friendly, open-minded, considerate, and appropriate for all ages. We are seeking to promote positivity.)

Thank you very much! It is great to have you on the team!


Art Sphere Inc.