Rue Mapp

“Nature relieves the stress of racism that we all feel… I think we can rely on nature to be the equalizer for us so we can shed that weight.”

  • Name: Rulette Mapp
  • From: Oakland, California 
  • Education: 
  • Occupation: Public lands champion, speaker, and writer 
  • Known For: Outdoor Afro 
  • Awards: National Conservation Achievement Award for Communications, Heinz Award for the Environment 

Rue Mapp is a speaker, a public lands champion, and the CEO and founder of Outdoor Afro. The main goal of Outdoor Afro is to inspire and celebrate the Black community through nature. Her organization, which is in 30 states, brings Black people together to promote leadership and conservationRue is also a speaker who has spoken all over the country to educate people, especially African Americans, about appreciating nature and the importance of spending time outdoorsBecause of her work, she was invited to the America’s Great Outdoors Conference in the White House by Obama.  


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