Nyaruot Nguany


“My identity and my activism are intersectional.
Activism to me is not only rooted in climate work, but also social justice and youth leadership.”

Nyaruot Nguany is a climate change activist who believes climate change and food production have a connection. Not only does she aim to create a clean world with healthy food, but she also wants people to connect. She wants people of all ages, race, gender and socioeconomic status to come together and create a positive environment. This is why she found Changemakers. Changemakers is youth-led and connects diverse Mainers with mentorship and the resources they need to create a healthy environment in their communities. She understands that money is a barrier for many people, so she partners with outdoor groups which can lead to others getting things like scholarships or even a job. Nyaruot Nguany is genuinely a good person who just wants the best for the planet and the people of the planet. 


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