Majora Carter


“My real dream is that everybody will see their self-interest tied up with someone else, whether or not they see them, and see that as an opportunity for growing closer together as a culture and as a world.”

  • Name: Majora Carter
  • Born: October 27, 1966 
  • Age: 54 years 
  • From: NYC, New York
  • Education:  
  • Occupation: Urban revitalization strategist 
  • Known For: Environmental justice solutions & advocacy 
  • Awards: Union Square Award, Lawrence Enersen Award, MLK Award for Community Service, New York State Women of Excellence Award, Paul Wellstone Award 

Majora Carter is an urban revitalization strategist and radio host in New York City. She founded and led Sustainable South Bronx, a non-profit corporation focused on environmental justice solutions. She would later enter the public sector, where she helped to start a number of community-centered organizations.


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